Oasis Business Intermediaries works with a variety of business owners of what is known as “Main Street” businesses which have annual sales from $250 thousand to $2.5 million. These businesses are local to a specific geography and may include the local heating and cooling repair company (HVAC), a local automobile repair shop, convenience/gas stations, the local dentist or medical practice, independent grocery, sign shop, franchised or independent restaurant, or many others that you patronize each week as a consumer. The owners of these types of businesses started life as an entrepreneurs and, through hard work and determination, have built a privately-owned family business with loyal customers and employees that is attractive to the next generation of business buyers/owners. This next generation of business buyers seek to buy a job from which they can never be laid off from, downsized, or otherwise involuntary removed from. Many are corporate refugees with capital reserves that can be used to acquire your business.

Most of Oasis’ business sellers fall into one of five major categories when considering the sale of their privately-owned family businesses:

I’m ready to retire and enjoy the good life. My family members don’t have an interest in buying and running my business. My employees can’t afford to buy me out. My spouse wants to spend our “Golden Years” traveling, or spending more time together without the burden of the business on our shoulders.

I’m burned out and need a change. I’ve been running this company for several years and I’m getting bored with it. It’s still a great company, I just need to do something new.

I’ve grown the company as much as I can. I created this company using my own capital and have grown it to a respectable level. It’s time for me to find a buyer with more business experience to come in and take the business to the next level.

I just don’t have the resources to keep growing. I have a great business, but if I continue to operate it myself, it will require more in new equipment purchases than I am prepared to invest.

A family member is experiencing unexpected medical problems. The business is running well and generating the expected results but my spouse, elderly parents, or other relative requires my full-time care and companionship.

Oasis Business Intermediaries is well positioned to provide expert and practical know-how to owners with any of the above motivations and personal situations. Oasis has assembled the most complete menu of services to assist Business Sellers in the Metro Atlanta area and the Southeast United States, including

OASIS Business Inter_Logo_v1-Final-03Oasis Sellability Survey and Score for a Comprehensive Assessment of Your Business’ Readiness to be Marketed and Sold

OASIS Business Inter_Logo_v1-Final-03Oasis Business Valuations and Setting an Initial Asking Price for Your Business

OASIS Business Inter_Logo_v1-Final-03Sales and Marketing Consultations for Maximum Exposure

OASIS Business Inter_Logo_v1-Final-03Managing an Aggressive Marketing Campaign to Attract Interested Parties

OASIS Business Inter_Logo_v1-Final-03Identifying and Qualifying Buyers Interested in Buying Your Business

OASIS Business Inter_Logo_v1-Final-03Oasis Private Auction Program to Maximize the Number of Competitive Offers for Your Business in the Shortest Amount of Time Possible

OASIS Business Inter_Logo_v1-Final-03Oasis Preferred Lending Program to Identify Traditional And Non-Traditional Sources Of Business Finance To Obtain The Best Terms In A Competitive Lender Bidding Environment

  • Pre-Qualifying Your Business for Lending
  • Arranging for Small Business Administration (SBA) Financing

OASIS Business Inter_Logo_v1-Final-03Negotiating Offers

OASIS Business Inter_Logo_v1-Final-03Managing the Due Diligence Process

  • Buyer’s Reps and Warranties
  • Proof of Assets and Liabilities
  • Negotiating For New Lease Origination With Existing Landlord Or Negotiation Of Lease Assumption
  • Negotiating For Assumption Of Existing Bank Financing
  • Coordinating all Closing Activities with a Qualified Transactional Attorney