Perhaps you are one of the fortunate entrepreneurs who recognized a need in the marketplace for a particular product or service with sustainable demand on a national or international basis and have had the good fortune to capitalize on such, and have worked decades to build a substantial enterprise—A company with committed customers, loyal employees, enviable brand awareness, and a bright future on the horizon, BUT you recognize that you have come to a personal decision point to either:

Continue to expand your business through one or more strategic acquisitions while maintaining your continued leadership, OR
You are ready to let another industry participant assume (acquire) your enterprise, creating a liquidity event for you and your family and realizing a substantial return on your lifetime of investments of time, energy, and personal resources,
In either case, you need the assistance and guidance from experienced professionals to guide you through the maze of corporate finance managers, accountants, tax professionals, attorneys, and teams of executives to complete a successful transaction.

Oasis is the brokerage firm of choice in the Souheastern region of the U.S. The principals of Oasis have more than 50 years of experience in managing and negotiating complex corporate mergers and acquisition strategies for such household names at Proctor and Gamble, UPS, Colgate – Palmolive, Hill’s Pet Products, Clorox, Georgia Pacific, SAP Americas, Holiday Inn Worldwide, Accor, Carlson Companies, Radisson Hotels, TGIF Restaurants, Bass Hotels, Bass Ale Breweries, and Intercontinental Hotels Group.



As one of only a few business brokerage firms to have in house intermediaries with Series 7 and Series 63 licensing, our M&A professionals are ready to assist with:

  1. Developing a realistic acquisition, divestiture, recapitalization and/or or strategic sales strategy with supporting tactics and identification of supporting professionals required 
  2. Analyzing a client company’s strengths and weaknesses
     Reviewing operational business processes, accounting practices, and financial controls
  3. Obtaining an Independent Third Party Appraisal of Your Company’s Value and setting a private reserve price
  4. Understanding a client’s opportunity to grow through acquisitions, and/or enhancing the attractiveness of the client’s business to attract a strategic buyer
  5. Assessing the most likely reaction of industry competitors
  6. Establishing key performance measurements to track the execution of the chosen strategy
  7. Evaluating the competitive landscape and identification of channel/vertical partners capable of making one or more acquisitions of the type and size of the client’s organization or those that fit the client’s criteria for “ideal” acquisition targets. Our search may include:

a) Current employees and competitors who already know the value of your business
b) High-net-worth individuals and small buying groups in our extensive network and beyond
c) Industry databases and public records
d) Our nationwide network of business professionals
e) Strategic buyers who are actively seeking M&A targets
f) Private Equity Groups (PEGs) with substantial cash to invest

  1. Drafting of a formal business plan with historical and projected financial performance
  2. Developing all required prospectus materials for a registered offering or securing exemption from SEC requirements
  3. Managing a private auction program to generate industry interest and engage potential bidders for participation
  4. Evaluating time-sensitive, contingent purchase offers with related terms and conditions, for alignment with chosen M&A strategies
  5. Negotiating a binding offer to purchase
  6. Ensuring compliance with national and state regulatory requirements, registrations, and disclosures
  7. Overseeing the due diligence process and coordination of all closing activities
  8. Completing the actual closing with a transactional attorney

For a no-cost confidential consultation regarding your M&A strategy and the services Oasis can provide to you or your company, please complete the mini-registration form in the far right column and submit your contact information to Oasis.  An M&A qualified intermediary will contact you via phone or email within 1 business day.