We’re Not Just Intermediaries! We Are Also Qualified Franchise Consultants For Your New Concept!

The principals of Oasis have consulted with numerous startup franchise concepts over the years and have brought many to market at a Total Cost to Launch (TCL) that is usually half of the investment required by the Franchise Mega-Mills and expensive Franchise Legal Firms. In lieu of boilerplate Franchise Disclosure Documents and License Agreements (see Franchise Repair section below) your documents will be customized for the unique requirements of your business model. With proven capabilities and personal knowledge of the requirements of the various Franchise Registration and Exemption states and a firm grasp of technology required in today’s competitive franchise marketplace, our principals will be with you every step of the way to legally design, launch and aggressively expand your franchise concept!


Oasis’ Tested & Proven Franchise Development Process:

Franchise Process

Phase 1:

  • Two Day Franchise Development and Planning Session with Franchisor Executive Team
  • Identification of the “Compelling Story” Behind the Business and the Decision to Franchise
  • Analysis of the “Profile of Successful Franchisee Candidates” for the Concept
  • Competitive Analysis of the Franchise Opportunity
  • Analysis of the Franchise Concept and Company Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
  • Design and Documentation of all Franchisor Business Processes
  • Analysis of Existing Franchisor Backoffice Capabilities and Technology Requirements
  • Data Gathering for the Development of the Operations Manual
  • Detailed Strategic Plan for the Franchise with Supporting Tactics, Investments, Expected Returns
  • Timetable for Franchise Development, Completion, and Rollout
  • High Level Operational Financial Plan & Budget

Phase 2:

  • Review of Franchisor’s Financial Reporting Available
  • Selection of a Local Audit Firm
  • Drafting of the Franchise Operations Manual
  • Definition and Documentation of Proposed Franchised Territories, Franchise Sales Fees, Royalty Fees, Area Development Arrangements, Training & Support
  • Drafting of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

Phase 3:

  • Review of Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) By a QUALIFIED Franchise Attorney
  • Filing of Franchise Documents in Registration and Exemption States
  • Sales & Marketing Plans for New Franchise Sales
  • Design or redesign of Website including Franchisor Logos and Collateral Material including SEO for concept site
  • Web-marketing Plan with Strategic Partners
  • Development of All Franchisor Web-based Campaigns and Ad Copy
  • Sales & Marketing Budget by Media Type
  • Development of All Franchise Sales Documents, Forms, and Franchise Disclosure Processes
  • Implementation of Initial Web Sales and Marketing System for lead generation and lead management


Franchise Repair- Is Your Concept Sick Or A Victim Of Unscrupulous Franchise Developers?

Approximately half of Oasis’ Franchise Consulting clients contact us because they are experiencing slower unit sales than anticipated, experiencing attrition of franchisees, or have difficult relations with their existing franchisees, or all three. Most of the time these are symptoms of a rush to market before all of the franchisor/ franchisee touchpoints have been fully examined and addressed, a poorly designed Franchise Disclosure Document and License Agreement, or both. Although hard-to-stomach, there is a path to repair what has been done and re-launch under a new franchise expansion strategy using a competent team of Oasis’ consultants and QUALIFIED legal counsel.

Contact us today for more information or a free, no-obligation consultation: (770) 403-4322 or via email at  info@oasis4biz.com